Annie Kind Of Has A Brother?

Annie and Jasper

For the past year, Annie dog and I have been living with my parents due to financial and health problems. However, something I haven’t mentioned until now is that my parents also have a dog: a white and tan pomeranian named Jasper. He’s a few years younger than Annie and a lot more energetic.

When Annie and Jasper first met each other at Thanksgiving a couple years ago at my grandparents’ house, they chased each other and played. Annie, being bigger, would sometimes roll onto her back as they played. I learned that this is a behavior bigger dogs utilize when playing with smaller dogs to keep from hurting them, a way of evening the field so to speak.

When I first moved back in with my parents, Annie and Jasper continued to play like this, excited to have a playmate. However, as time went on I realized they were developing a sibling relationship that had things in common with human sibling relationships.

They still play together, but they don’t get nearly as excited to see each other now that they are with each other every day. Jasper likes to pull on Annie’s ears, especially when they first go outside as if to tell Annie to hurry up. Annie’s good-natured about this and doesn’t get angry at him for doing it. In fact, they tend to stick together when they are outside.

But there are other times when they seem to argue or get grouchy about each other’s presence. In fact, I’ve seen Annie go after Jasper if he tries to get her food, and Jasper growls at Annie if she tries to eat his.

If I’m cuddling with one, the other acts jealous, coming up beside me, wagging their tail and whining. Sometimes one even tries to push themselves in-between me and the other dog.

Jasper, like the typical younger sibling, wants to have the same things as Annie. He likes to chew on her toys, and lay in her bed. And Annie puts up with it.

They definitely remind me of a sister-brother pair.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many of us start thinking of love, mostly romantic love and relationships, but it’s crossed my mind how much love is ingrained in us and in animals. We crave love, and so do animals. And, well, animals showing loving relationships with us and other animals is just cute.

So, here’s to Annie and Jasper adopting each other.