My Life Is Changing and Nobody Asked Me About It

Me, Annie dog, accepting change

My human has really slacked off when it comes to this blog, so I’ve decided to take over for this post. I’m Annie dog, and I love my human owner, Kendra. In fact, other humans often act like I’m too attached to her because I cry a lot when she’s gone. But why wouldn’t I cry about my loved one not being with me?

Lately, things have been really different. Like, my human just up and left me with her parents for two weeks recently. Two weeks! Do you realize how terribly long that is? I tried to tell the humans I was with how awful it was…but they didn’t sympathize with my whining.

Then, she came back, and it was amazing! I don’t want her to ever, ever, ever, ever leave me again.

But now we’ve moved to a new den, and there’s a male human staying with us too. I don’t know how I feel about that. He takes a lot of my Kendra’s attention that should be going to me. And now I’m not allowed in the bedroom too. Grr.

It took me a couple days to get used to our new home, but now I can snore away comfortably. And this place has lots of other dogs too! I get to sniff where they’ve been every time my human takes me out.

Things aren’t too bad, I guess. At least, I’m with my human, and I know she loves me.

But why doesn’t anyone ever take my opinion into account with these things?!

Tail wags for all,

Annie dog

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