This Is How I Eat Now

Is this a toy or torture?

Meal time used to be so easy and quick.

Ben human and Kendra human don’t just put food in my bowl now though. One of the things they do instead is put my delicious kibble in this food ball that has a small hole in the top. The first time they showed me the food ball, they’d only put a couple little treats in it, and I wasn’t committed enough to get them out.

That sure changed when an entire meal was on the line! I love my food, and I wasn’t about to go without it. I used my nose to push that food ball ALL OVER the apartment, getting my food to fall out of the hole. They must have been impressed with my skill because now they use the food ball every day.

I’m a little clumsy with it. I often knock it into walls or get it stuck in the gap between the fridge and counter. Sometimes I get it stuck where I can’t get it, and it feels like forever before Kendra human finds it and gets it for me.

The best thing is when I knock it into the wall (or push it up against the wall before dropping it) enough times that the food ball comes apart. Jackpot!

I guess I kind of like the food ball. It keeps me busy for a while.

But meal time sure is a lot more work now.

Tail wags for all,

Annie Dog

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