Not All Roast Beef Is Good Roast Beef

Doesn’t taste like “palatable chicken flavor” to me!

Annie dog here. Gee, have I had a rough week this week! And it all started with some roast beef.

Last Sunday afternoon, my Kendra human took me out for a potty break around the apartment complex. It was nice and sunny. As we walked around the back of the building that our den is located in, I had my nose to the ground like usual, and I came across a tantalizing scent: meat!

Some human from another apartment den had either dropped or threw a big chunk of roast beef on the ground. Well, I wasn’t going to pass that up, so I snapped it up in my mouth before Kendra human realized what I’d found.

Maybe Kendra human should have tried harder to get that roast beef away from me than she did because eating that was the beginning of a horrible ordeal.

I was fine the rest of Sunday and all of Monday, but when Tuesday came around….Well, I was needing a LOT of potty breaks as well as throwing up. My stomach was so upset that I didn’t even want to eat. I spent my time either sleeping in my bed or hurrying to get outside in time to potty. Then, Wednesday, there was a little blood in my runny poop.

Kendra human got really worried when I pooped almost straight blood Thursday morning though, and she called the vet (shudder) right away.

Apparently, that was some really bad roast beef.

Now I’m on some yucky medicine paste, but the vet did tell Kendra human to feed me boiled chicken and rice for my stomach. The rice I could care less about, but I love chicken. Maybe the vet is on my side after all?

I’m on the mend now, thank goodness. Maybe I’ll think twice before eating food I find outside again…but probably not. Guess I’ll have to count on Kendra human to stop me in the future.

Think I can convince her that feeding me chicken for my meals should be a regular thing?

Tail wags,

Annie Dog

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