What Are You Giving Me Now?

Just me loving on my human.

Man, am I glad my tummy’s all better now! I’m back to my usual food-loving self. In fact, I tried to eat a chicken bone I found while my Kendra human and I were outside recently, but Kendra human took it away from me. She said something along the lines of “We’re not risking something like that again!”

Oh, well.

I noticed Kendra human trying to get me to take a nasty tasting little white thing before I got sick, and now that I’m better, I realized she still gives it to me sometimes. She’s been hiding it in the chicken she’s been giving me, but today I caught on and spat the white thing out (I managed to keep the chicken in my mouth. Not going to give that up.). She didn’t like that much and made me take it anyway. Bleh.

My humans give this to me an hour or two before they leave. It makes me kinda sleepy and relaxed. I think they’re trying to make me less upset when I’m alone. I heard them say I have “separation anxiety” or something. They’ve tried other things to get me to relax about their leaving, but none of it was making much of a difference. So Kendra human started sneaking the white things into treats. I think the vet gave them to her.

I still freak out a little when they leave, though. I mean, we’re a pack. We’re supposed to stay together, right? Leaving me behind kinda hurts. I just love my humans so much.

All the tail wags,

Annie Dog

P.S. Why does everything the vet gives to Kendra human for me taste so bad?

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