Spin, Spin, Spin!

This is just level one spinning.

A digital greeting sniff to all the humans (and secretly their pets) reading this.

I’ve got this habit of spinning. I don’t know where it came from. And I get different reactions from different humans when I do it. Kendra human tends to smile, but Ben human tries to stop me. Talk about confusing.

Why do I spin? Well, I do it without thinking when I get excited. Don’t you ever get that way? The excitement of something (like a scrumptious treat) just fills you up, and you just gotta do something with it? For me, the solution is spinning.

How fast I spin and how many times in a row I spin depends on how excited I am. More excitement = more spinning!

While my spinning is Happy Spinning, spinning can mean a number of things for us dogs.

  1. Anxiety Spinning: Spinning because you have an icky, upsetting feeling inside.
  2. Get Comfortable Spinning: Spinning before laying down to make sure the spot is a good spot to plop down on.
  3. My Spot Spinning: Spinning that often goes with Get Comfortable Spinning. It’s a way of getting more of our scent into the area and letting others know we claim that spot.
  4. Scout The Area Spinning: Spinning to verify the area around is safe.
  5. Something’s Not Working Right Spinning: Spinning to try and deal with a health issue, like problems with seeing, hearing, or balance.
  6. Happy Spinning: Spinning to let out all the happy excitement. The best spinning!

Humans are hopeless at understanding the barking language. (I’ve tried to teach Kendra human, but she still doesn’t understand usually.) So, hopefully this helps clarify our spinning behaviors.

And, in case you don’t believe I know what I’m talking about (even though I am a dog), here are some other websites that talk about dog spinning.



I wish you all the Happy Spinning!

Annie Dog

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