Your Hands Are Full? Then How About A Foot?

There’s always a way to add more pats to my day.

My humans spend a lot of time at home with me, and that’s great. But they’re also always trying to “keep busy”, which is, apparently, some human nonsense about constantly doing things. Sounds exhausting. And the things they do have a lot to do with typing and working on computers. Boring. This blog I’m adding to is an exception, of course.

Anyway, Kendra human and Ben human have their hands busy most of the time. That interferes with how much time they spend petting and paying attention to me. But I’m a female dog that knows I’m worth paying attention to, and if my needs aren’t being met, I try to let them know.

First I’ll whine some, but they usually don’t like me whining unless I need to go potty. Next, I sit on the floor in front of or beside them and stare, really stare, for a long time. Maybe I’ll even huff at them. That gets me noticed, and one of them might free a hand from “keep busy” and pet me around the ears.

But, when they stop petting me, I go for my secret move: a little whine combined with lying down by one of their hind paws, I mean, feet. And then I give them the Please Love Me look (shown above if you’re looking for pointers).

It works wonderfully because they use their free foot to give me belly rubs! I get what I want, and they get to keep working on whatever they’re doing.

I know how to make sure the important things, like showing love, get done.

Tail wags,

Annie Dog

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