But the Weather is Nice!

Sniffing that good grass on 4/20.

Humans are strange creatures. I love my Kendra human, and I’m starting to love Ben human. But they love our den too much.

Now that the snow is gone, and it’s (kinda) getting warmer outside, I don’t think we should spend so much time in our den.

I’m trying to make Kendra human and Ben human get the hint. I’ve been telling them I need to go out more often, but they don’t seem inclined to spend as much time outside as me. In fact, Ben human doesn’t seem to like to take me out for potty breaks. He has an aversion to cleaning up my poop that Kendra human doesn’t, so Kendra human usually takes me out. Since we live in town, I’m not allowed to go out by myself.

But both of them don’t appreciate it when I whine to go out just because I want to go out and not because I need to potty. Don’t they notice that sunshine or that green grass? All the smells and places to explore and other dogs to meet! Outside is fun.

Sometimes when I’m outside I get so caught up in a scent that I just have to follow it, even though Kendra human wants to go a different direction. Unfortunately, she’s pulled me away from a number of interesting scent trails.

Inside is a good, safe place. It’s great for eating and sleeping and when it’s raining, but when the weather is nice, I think we should spend all day outside.

There are even mutual benefits between dogs and humans when it comes to being outside.

  • More exercise
  • Lessens anxiety and depression
  • More time for a dog and her human to bond
  • More sunshine and vitamin D for dog and human health
  • Fresh air
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Helps with mental alertness
  • Helps with creativity

Overall, spending time outside when the weather is nice makes humans and dogs feel better!

We have made some progress with staying outside longer now that it’s not winter, but I’ll keep working to help my humans with this serious issue. Don’t worry. I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to things I think are important, and outside is important. Very important.

If I keep insisting on going outside, hopefully my humans will realize that too.

I’m sure my whining about it will get to them eventually.

Tail wags,

Annie Dog






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