Why Is the Sky Wet?

A picture from last summer. Kendra human thought it was funny that I didn’t want to step into the rain.

It’s me again, Annie dog.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day, full of interesting scents and yummy treats and sunshine.

The weather around here has been on the fritz, lately. One day it’s sunny, the next it’s rainy. There was even snow one morning this week. Kendra human seemed upset about the snow, but it made it easier for me to show her the scent trails of other dogs I was following due to their pawsteps in the snow.

Even though I love going outside, I do have a confession to make: I don’t like being in the rain. I also don’t like sprinklers. In fact, I just don’t like getting wet at all. Bleh!

I’ll be all excited to go outside, but if someone opens the door and I see it’s raining, then it’s a “Nope. No thanks. I’ll pass.” from me. But if my Kendra human suspects I need to go potty, she’ll make me go outside in the cold, uncomfortable, wet rain anyway. On those days, I wish indoor doggy toilets existed.

The other night, I experienced something terrible regarding this.

Kendra human took me out for the last time for the night. It was dark and the air pleasantly cool. But then as we went down the last flight of stairs, what do I see? Not only is it drizzling outside, but on both sides of the sidewalk, the sprinklers were on! Now, I understand humans care about keeping the grass green, but sometimes their sprinkler set up seems inefficient. This was one of those times because the sprinklers were not only watering the grass, they were also watering the sidewalk. We were trapped!

Luckily, Kendra human showed me that we wouldn’t really get wet if we went right down the middle of the sidewalk, but it was an icky experience for sure.

I hope that sprinkler situation doesn’t become the norm.

I’m looking forward to the sunny days of summer, and the adventures they’ll bring.

May none of you get caught in the rain.

Tail wags,

Annie Dog

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