Sun Spots

Ah, that’s a nice spot!

It’s me, Annie dog again!

Know something I love? Sun spots.

There are some great sun spots in our den, especially in the morning. I’ll seek them out and lay down in them. They’re nice and warm and cozy. With those qualities, who wouldn’t enjoy basking in a sun spot?

My Kendra human documented me enjoying some sun spots, and I decided to share those pictures with you.

A nice thing about sunbathing in our den is that I’m less likely to overheat than if I’m outside in more direct sunlight, and my water dish is just a few pawsteps away if I get thirsty.

Often, I take a little snooze while in the sun spot. It’s a nice, relaxing hobby. I hope you have a relaxing hobby too.

Until next time!

Tail wags,

Annie dog

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