Slosh, Slosh, Slosh!

I get really thirsty.

I love drinking water. Sometimes my humans are surprised at how much I can drink at one time. But a dog’s got to quench her thirst, you know?

I have a little secret, though: sometimes I make a mess when getting a drink. Slosh, slosh, slosh goes the water over the side of the bowl.

Kendra human bought a little mat to put under my water bowl to try and keep the water from getting all over the floor. It helps, but, because of that, it’s usually soaked through. Makes it unpleasant for humans when they step on the edge of it. Oops.

Also, if the mat’s already soaked through, I still end up making a puddle in the kitchen either next to or under the table. Ben human has been surprised multiple times when he’s sat down at the table.

I don’t really know what to do about this. I’m just drinking water like any dog would.

I guess it’s a good thing my humans love me because they sure don’t love wet floors.

Tail wags for all,

Annie Dog

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