An Evening Stroll

Make a wish!

Something really great happened the other day. I went on a walk with both of my humans! We went in the evening when the weather was nice and cool.

They even let me choose which way we went. We followed the sidewalk/stayed on the side of the road for a while, but then we wandered off into this vacant lot full of dandelion seeds. It was a pretty sight as sunset light came over the area.

I kept pulling on the leash because I obviously wanted to keep exploring. There were lots of interesting scents there, you know? And I love sniffing out a place I haven’t been before.

Well, I’m proud to say that we walked from one end of that big lot to the other.

The dandelions were rather tall. I ended up getting lots of the seeds in my fur. I guess that just means my humans could make a wish on me.

It was a lovely walk that turned into a lovely memory.

Can you guess what I would wish for?

Tail wags for all,

Annie Dog

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