An Evening Stroll

Make a wish!

Something really great happened the other day. I went on a walk with both of my humans! We went in the evening when the weather was nice and cool.

They even let me choose which way we went. We followed the sidewalk/stayed on the side of the road for a while, but then we wandered off into this vacant lot full of dandelion seeds. It was a pretty sight as sunset light came over the area.

I kept pulling on the leash because I obviously wanted to keep exploring. There were lots of interesting scents there, you know? And I love sniffing out a place I haven’t been before.

Well, I’m proud to say that we walked from one end of that big lot to the other.

The dandelions were rather tall. I ended up getting lots of the seeds in my fur. I guess that just means my humans could make a wish on me.

It was a lovely walk that turned into a lovely memory.

Can you guess what I would wish for?

Tail wags for all,

Annie Dog

Slosh, Slosh, Slosh!

I get really thirsty.

I love drinking water. Sometimes my humans are surprised at how much I can drink at one time. But a dog’s got to quench her thirst, you know?

I have a little secret, though: sometimes I make a mess when getting a drink. Slosh, slosh, slosh goes the water over the side of the bowl.

Kendra human bought a little mat to put under my water bowl to try and keep the water from getting all over the floor. It helps, but, because of that, it’s usually soaked through. Makes it unpleasant for humans when they step on the edge of it. Oops.

Also, if the mat’s already soaked through, I still end up making a puddle in the kitchen either next to or under the table. Ben human has been surprised multiple times when he’s sat down at the table.

I don’t really know what to do about this. I’m just drinking water like any dog would.

I guess it’s a good thing my humans love me because they sure don’t love wet floors.

Tail wags for all,

Annie Dog

Sun Spots

Ah, that’s a nice spot!

It’s me, Annie dog again!

Know something I love? Sun spots.

There are some great sun spots in our den, especially in the morning. I’ll seek them out and lay down in them. They’re nice and warm and cozy. With those qualities, who wouldn’t enjoy basking in a sun spot?

My Kendra human documented me enjoying some sun spots, and I decided to share those pictures with you.

A nice thing about sunbathing in our den is that I’m less likely to overheat than if I’m outside in more direct sunlight, and my water dish is just a few pawsteps away if I get thirsty.

Often, I take a little snooze while in the sun spot. It’s a nice, relaxing hobby. I hope you have a relaxing hobby too.

Until next time!

Tail wags,

Annie dog

Why Is the Sky Wet?

A picture from last summer. Kendra human thought it was funny that I didn’t want to step into the rain.

It’s me again, Annie dog.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day, full of interesting scents and yummy treats and sunshine.

The weather around here has been on the fritz, lately. One day it’s sunny, the next it’s rainy. There was even snow one morning this week. Kendra human seemed upset about the snow, but it made it easier for me to show her the scent trails of other dogs I was following due to their pawsteps in the snow.

Even though I love going outside, I do have a confession to make: I don’t like being in the rain. I also don’t like sprinklers. In fact, I just don’t like getting wet at all. Bleh!

I’ll be all excited to go outside, but if someone opens the door and I see it’s raining, then it’s a “Nope. No thanks. I’ll pass.” from me. But if my Kendra human suspects I need to go potty, she’ll make me go outside in the cold, uncomfortable, wet rain anyway. On those days, I wish indoor doggy toilets existed.

The other night, I experienced something terrible regarding this.

Kendra human took me out for the last time for the night. It was dark and the air pleasantly cool. But then as we went down the last flight of stairs, what do I see? Not only is it drizzling outside, but on both sides of the sidewalk, the sprinklers were on! Now, I understand humans care about keeping the grass green, but sometimes their sprinkler set up seems inefficient. This was one of those times because the sprinklers were not only watering the grass, they were also watering the sidewalk. We were trapped!

Luckily, Kendra human showed me that we wouldn’t really get wet if we went right down the middle of the sidewalk, but it was an icky experience for sure.

I hope that sprinkler situation doesn’t become the norm.

I’m looking forward to the sunny days of summer, and the adventures they’ll bring.

May none of you get caught in the rain.

Tail wags,

Annie Dog

But the Weather is Nice!

Sniffing that good grass on 4/20.

Humans are strange creatures. I love my Kendra human, and I’m starting to love Ben human. But they love our den too much.

Now that the snow is gone, and it’s (kinda) getting warmer outside, I don’t think we should spend so much time in our den.

I’m trying to make Kendra human and Ben human get the hint. I’ve been telling them I need to go out more often, but they don’t seem inclined to spend as much time outside as me. In fact, Ben human doesn’t seem to like to take me out for potty breaks. He has an aversion to cleaning up my poop that Kendra human doesn’t, so Kendra human usually takes me out. Since we live in town, I’m not allowed to go out by myself.

But both of them don’t appreciate it when I whine to go out just because I want to go out and not because I need to potty. Don’t they notice that sunshine or that green grass? All the smells and places to explore and other dogs to meet! Outside is fun.

Sometimes when I’m outside I get so caught up in a scent that I just have to follow it, even though Kendra human wants to go a different direction. Unfortunately, she’s pulled me away from a number of interesting scent trails.

Inside is a good, safe place. It’s great for eating and sleeping and when it’s raining, but when the weather is nice, I think we should spend all day outside.

There are even mutual benefits between dogs and humans when it comes to being outside.

  • More exercise
  • Lessens anxiety and depression
  • More time for a dog and her human to bond
  • More sunshine and vitamin D for dog and human health
  • Fresh air
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Helps with mental alertness
  • Helps with creativity

Overall, spending time outside when the weather is nice makes humans and dogs feel better!

We have made some progress with staying outside longer now that it’s not winter, but I’ll keep working to help my humans with this serious issue. Don’t worry. I can be pretty stubborn when it comes to things I think are important, and outside is important. Very important.

If I keep insisting on going outside, hopefully my humans will realize that too.

I’m sure my whining about it will get to them eventually.

Tail wags,

Annie Dog


Your Hands Are Full? Then How About A Foot?

There’s always a way to add more pats to my day.

My humans spend a lot of time at home with me, and that’s great. But they’re also always trying to “keep busy”, which is, apparently, some human nonsense about constantly doing things. Sounds exhausting. And the things they do have a lot to do with typing and working on computers. Boring. This blog I’m adding to is an exception, of course.

Anyway, Kendra human and Ben human have their hands busy most of the time. That interferes with how much time they spend petting and paying attention to me. But I’m a female dog that knows I’m worth paying attention to, and if my needs aren’t being met, I try to let them know.

First I’ll whine some, but they usually don’t like me whining unless I need to go potty. Next, I sit on the floor in front of or beside them and stare, really stare, for a long time. Maybe I’ll even huff at them. That gets me noticed, and one of them might free a hand from “keep busy” and pet me around the ears.

But, when they stop petting me, I go for my secret move: a little whine combined with lying down by one of their hind paws, I mean, feet. And then I give them the Please Love Me look (shown above if you’re looking for pointers).

It works wonderfully because they use their free foot to give me belly rubs! I get what I want, and they get to keep working on whatever they’re doing.

I know how to make sure the important things, like showing love, get done.

Tail wags,

Annie Dog

Spin, Spin, Spin!

This is just level one spinning.

A digital greeting sniff to all the humans (and secretly their pets) reading this.

I’ve got this habit of spinning. I don’t know where it came from. And I get different reactions from different humans when I do it. Kendra human tends to smile, but Ben human tries to stop me. Talk about confusing.

Why do I spin? Well, I do it without thinking when I get excited. Don’t you ever get that way? The excitement of something (like a scrumptious treat) just fills you up, and you just gotta do something with it? For me, the solution is spinning.

How fast I spin and how many times in a row I spin depends on how excited I am. More excitement = more spinning!

While my spinning is Happy Spinning, spinning can mean a number of things for us dogs.

  1. Anxiety Spinning: Spinning because you have an icky, upsetting feeling inside.
  2. Get Comfortable Spinning: Spinning before laying down to make sure the spot is a good spot to plop down on.
  3. My Spot Spinning: Spinning that often goes with Get Comfortable Spinning. It’s a way of getting more of our scent into the area and letting others know we claim that spot.
  4. Scout The Area Spinning: Spinning to verify the area around is safe.
  5. Something’s Not Working Right Spinning: Spinning to try and deal with a health issue, like problems with seeing, hearing, or balance.
  6. Happy Spinning: Spinning to let out all the happy excitement. The best spinning!

Humans are hopeless at understanding the barking language. (I’ve tried to teach Kendra human, but she still doesn’t understand usually.) So, hopefully this helps clarify our spinning behaviors.

And, in case you don’t believe I know what I’m talking about (even though I am a dog), here are some other websites that talk about dog spinning.

I wish you all the Happy Spinning!

Annie Dog

What Are You Giving Me Now?

Just me loving on my human.

Man, am I glad my tummy’s all better now! I’m back to my usual food-loving self. In fact, I tried to eat a chicken bone I found while my Kendra human and I were outside recently, but Kendra human took it away from me. She said something along the lines of “We’re not risking something like that again!”

Oh, well.

I noticed Kendra human trying to get me to take a nasty tasting little white thing before I got sick, and now that I’m better, I realized she still gives it to me sometimes. She’s been hiding it in the chicken she’s been giving me, but today I caught on and spat the white thing out (I managed to keep the chicken in my mouth. Not going to give that up.). She didn’t like that much and made me take it anyway. Bleh.

My humans give this to me an hour or two before they leave. It makes me kinda sleepy and relaxed. I think they’re trying to make me less upset when I’m alone. I heard them say I have “separation anxiety” or something. They’ve tried other things to get me to relax about their leaving, but none of it was making much of a difference. So Kendra human started sneaking the white things into treats. I think the vet gave them to her.

I still freak out a little when they leave, though. I mean, we’re a pack. We’re supposed to stay together, right? Leaving me behind kinda hurts. I just love my humans so much.

All the tail wags,

Annie Dog

P.S. Why does everything the vet gives to Kendra human for me taste so bad?

Not All Roast Beef Is Good Roast Beef

Doesn’t taste like “palatable chicken flavor” to me!

Annie dog here. Gee, have I had a rough week this week! And it all started with some roast beef.

Last Sunday afternoon, my Kendra human took me out for a potty break around the apartment complex. It was nice and sunny. As we walked around the back of the building that our den is located in, I had my nose to the ground like usual, and I came across a tantalizing scent: meat!

Some human from another apartment den had either dropped or threw a big chunk of roast beef on the ground. Well, I wasn’t going to pass that up, so I snapped it up in my mouth before Kendra human realized what I’d found.

Maybe Kendra human should have tried harder to get that roast beef away from me than she did because eating that was the beginning of a horrible ordeal.

I was fine the rest of Sunday and all of Monday, but when Tuesday came around….Well, I was needing a LOT of potty breaks as well as throwing up. My stomach was so upset that I didn’t even want to eat. I spent my time either sleeping in my bed or hurrying to get outside in time to potty. Then, Wednesday, there was a little blood in my runny poop.

Kendra human got really worried when I pooped almost straight blood Thursday morning though, and she called the vet (shudder) right away.

Apparently, that was some really bad roast beef.

Now I’m on some yucky medicine paste, but the vet did tell Kendra human to feed me boiled chicken and rice for my stomach. The rice I could care less about, but I love chicken. Maybe the vet is on my side after all?

I’m on the mend now, thank goodness. Maybe I’ll think twice before eating food I find outside again…but probably not. Guess I’ll have to count on Kendra human to stop me in the future.

Think I can convince her that feeding me chicken for my meals should be a regular thing?

Tail wags,

Annie Dog

This Is How I Eat Now

Is this a toy or torture?

Meal time used to be so easy and quick.

Ben human and Kendra human don’t just put food in my bowl now though. One of the things they do instead is put my delicious kibble in this food ball that has a small hole in the top. The first time they showed me the food ball, they’d only put a couple little treats in it, and I wasn’t committed enough to get them out.

That sure changed when an entire meal was on the line! I love my food, and I wasn’t about to go without it. I used my nose to push that food ball ALL OVER the apartment, getting my food to fall out of the hole. They must have been impressed with my skill because now they use the food ball every day.

I’m a little clumsy with it. I often knock it into walls or get it stuck in the gap between the fridge and counter. Sometimes I get it stuck where I can’t get it, and it feels like forever before Kendra human finds it and gets it for me.

The best thing is when I knock it into the wall (or push it up against the wall before dropping it) enough times that the food ball comes apart. Jackpot!

I guess I kind of like the food ball. It keeps me busy for a while.

But meal time sure is a lot more work now.

Tail wags for all,

Annie Dog